Breakdown of Overseas Banking Institutions (IFIs). Performing with IFIs

Breakdown of Overseas Banking Institutions (IFIs). Performing with IFIs

IFI On The Web Project Ideas

  • AfDB – Project Portfolio
  • ADB – Jobs
  • CDB – Tasks
  • EBRD – Undertaking Overview Documents
  • IDB – Advanced Venture Re Re Search
  • WB – Project Database

Procurement notices represent the real online business offerings in IFI-financed jobs. These are typically published in the IFI’s site, as well as on separate websites that consolidate task information from major IFIs, UN agencies and international governments. These web sites provide advanced level search features plus some will immediately inform you of possibilities that suit your passions. Most are by membership just, but the majority are free.

IFI On The Web Procurement Information

  • AfDB – Project associated Procurement
  • ADB – Consultant Management System and ADB – Procurement Notices
  • CDB – Procurement Notices
  • EBRD – Project Procurement
  • IDB – Procurement Notices
  • WB – Procurement Notices
  • Developing Executive Group (Devex and DevelopmentAid) Projects & Tenders*
  • dgMarket and DevelopmentAid – Tenders and Procurement Opportunities*
  • UN Developing Online Businesses and DevelopmentAid online*

* shows membership needed

Vendors of products, Functions, Equipment and Non-Consulting Services

For the procurement of products, gear, civil works and non-consulting solutions such as for instance transportation and upkeep, many possibilities happen throughout the execution phase associated with task.

Many IFIs need the debtor to draft a procurement plan, which states generally speaking terms just exactly what services and products is likely to be required, once they is going to be needed, their costs that are approximate the procurement techniques to be applied. The procurement plan is posted regarding the IFI’s web site and it is updated frequently.

Global competitive putting in a bid (ICB) is the most well-liked technique whenever procurement involves big financial values and/or complex needs. The aim of ICB would be to offer all qualified businesses with prompt notification in order that they all have actually an opportunity that is equal bid. Borrowers must issue bid invitations or prequalification invites in one or more neighborhood book and in UN developing online businesses. In some instances, invites will additionally show up on the IFI’s internet site.

Before putting in a bid, constantly become acquainted with the procurement directions associated with IFI that is supplying the loan. These guidelines determine the policies, procedures and methods that are procurement are decided on by the debtor as well as the IFI.

Bear in mind, but, that the partnership between the provider (you) while the debtor is governed by the putting in a bid papers and your agreement because of the debtor, perhaps perhaps not by the IFI’s procurement directions.

Recommendations for Procurement of Goods and Functions

  • AfDB – Policies and Procedures – guidelines and Procedures for Procurement of Goods and Works
  • ADB – Procurement Recommendations
  • CDB – Procurement Publications – recommendations for Goods and Functions
  • EBRD – Procurement Policies and Guidelines
  • IDB – Project Procurement Policies – Policies for the Procurement of Goods and Functions financed by the IDB
  • WB – Procurement laws for Procurement in Investment venture Financing (IPF) (for tasks authorized)
  • WB – Procurement of products, Functions and Services that is non-Consulting tasks authorized)


Prequalification of bidders is oftentimes needed if:

  • procurement is actually for big and complex contracts that are civil
  • procurement is for custom-designed gear, specific services or technologies;
  • the cost that is anticipated of a bid could be high or would discourage competition; or
  • items of a quality that is inferior have an unfavourable affect the task (as an example, in pharmaceutical procurements).

All organizations that prequalify by meeting the specified requirements for eligibility, economic capability and experience are then invited to bid. Interested organizations can acquire putting in a bid papers from the debtor. These papers have:

  • guidelines to bidders;
  • the type of the bid;
  • the proper execution and condition of agreement;
  • specs and appropriate technical information;
  • a summary of products or bill of amounts;
  • distribution times or schedules of conclusion;
  • The form and amount of bid protection; and
  • the cornerstone for bid assessment and selection.

Bid Assessment

Agreements are granted into the lowest-evaluated bid, on the basis of the assessment criteria. Keep in mind that the bid that is lowest-evaluated not be the lowest-priced bid, since other facets such as for example performance, training, upkeep and working expenses are frequently taken into consideration. Furthermore, a margin of choice can be issued to bidders through the borrowing nation, and for manufactured items by having a minimal portion of domestic content.

Other Bidding Techniques

Whenever ICB isn’t the most suitable technique, other practices works extremely well; among they are nationwide competitive putting in a bid (NCB), shopping and direct contracting. The possibility selected depends on the range, nature and complexity associated with the agreement under consideration. NCB is the method that is appropriate agreements which are not anticipated to attract international bidders.

Invites for such putting in a bid might be restricted to domestic magazines, and bidding documents might be just when you look at the language that is national. Nevertheless, the procedure is maybe not limited to firms that are domestic if international organizations would you like to bid, they are able to achieve this.